About Ann

Headshot sortaExcept for six months of (figurative) insanity following the death of her mother in 1990, Ann has spent her life near the Atlanta area. During these years Ann has worn several hats from musician to retail manager, to working for a major airline. Regardless of the hat Ann has always been a writer from the time she first learned to hold a pencil before kindergarten.

Her competitive nature not only showed itself in sports but in trying to keep up with her older brother. When he learned to read and write, so did she. When he considered studying music in college, so did Ann. However, this is where she and her brother are different. He eventually chose his degree using a flute as his instrument of choice whereas Ann, who always prides herself on being a bit odd, chose the instrument she started playing at around six years of age – the harmonica.

Despite the trials and tribulations of choosing an unaccepted instrument (most people at best laughed when informed of her choice while others flat-out ridiculed her) she went on to earn her degree with the harmonica to become the first person in the United States to do so.

Using this same determination (Ann calls it stubbornness) she proceeded to fulfil at least one lifelong goal in finally publishing her first book, Out of the Darkness. A second book has since followed, The Adventures of Junior Chipmunk, with plans for more about Junior and his pals in the not-so-distant future. Although without children of her own, Ann enjoys observing children and writing for them. As she says, she’s still a kid at heart.