Devastating News

How do you handle devastating news? A friend of mine was re-admitted to a local hospital yesterday afternoon with the possible diagnosis of pneumonia. Following a lung scan, they informed her that she had nodules on her lungs and that … Read More!

Our Loss, Heaven’s Gain

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to my uncle for the last time. His tomorrow he will say hi to me for the last time. Yesterday, after a long battle with Parkinson’s, my uncle went home to his Father. He and … Read More!

The Final Letter

Tonight I said goodbye to you. On 10-14-10, Dr. Jerry M. Kirby, Sr. went home to Glory. On 10-14-10, I lost my closest confidant but more importantly, a family lost a husband, son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, and grandfather. A … Read More!

I’m Not Ready

Dad is 81 years old. I’ve known him for 48 of those years. He was born during the Depression, grew up while World War II was going on, and thanks to his “friends and neighbors” he was drafted into the … Read More!

The Boy Who Believed

Once upon a time, in a land of green and gold, there lived a little boy who dreamed of things untold. He was a quiet boy, his voice rarely heard, an only child was he not, and alas, he was … Read More!

Out of the Darkness

“Is there a God?” This question, posed in a letter to a pastor with whom she had barely spoken a dozen words, began the journey of a lifetime for author Ann Allen. Fighting clinical and spiritual depression Ann began the … Read More!