Southern Summer

You can feel the change in the air. The cool crisp mornings of spring turn into that sweltering, choking, stickiness of humidity called summer in the South. It seems to happen overnight – one day it’s comfortable, the next it’s … Read More!

On Her Shortness

In stores the things I need are all up high Where I can see but I can never touch. It makes me want to crawl away and die Or weep and wail and scream and yell and such. Tall boys … Read More!

Why Did God Give Us Fingers?

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngerrrrrrs. Such a fun word. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngerrrrrs. These appendages located at the ends (or starting at, depending on one’s point of view) our hands are often described as long, elegant, strong, calloused, and even sometimes as short and stubby. Unlike their … Read More!

The New Church

What exactly is a church? Does it require four walls, pews, lectern, maybe an altar? According to some dictionaries it is a building designed for worship. Is it not more than a building? After all, don’t we sometimes use the … Read More!


Thank God It’s Vacation Bible School Close your eyes and stroll through those dusty cobwebbed recesses of your memory, dodging the ferocious dust bunnies and skittering snippets of random thought that are hiding in the shadows. Journey past the party … Read More!