19 Years is Not enough

He arrived at the pet store in a crate with another puppy. At first glance he looked like a black tribble, two pieces of obsidian for eyes and a tiny tail that curled halfway up his black. If you looked … Read More!

Devastating News

How do you handle devastating news? A friend of mine was re-admitted to a local hospital yesterday afternoon with the possible diagnosis of pneumonia. Following a lung scan, they informed her that she had nodules on her lungs and that … Read More!

Our Loss, Heaven’s Gain

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to my uncle for the last time. His tomorrow he will say hi to me for the last time. Yesterday, after a long battle with Parkinson’s, my uncle went home to his Father. He and … Read More!

The Final Letter

Tonight I said goodbye to you. On 10-14-10, Dr. Jerry M. Kirby, Sr. went home to Glory. On 10-14-10, I lost my closest confidant but more importantly, a family lost a husband, son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, and grandfather. A … Read More!