Our Loss, Heaven’s Gain

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to my uncle for the last time. His tomorrow he will say hi to me for the last time.

Yesterday, after a long battle with Parkinson’s, my uncle went home to his Father. He and my aunt were married almost 60 years, a long and blissful marriage. I will remember him for his love, his laughter, and his fun spirit. Forgotten will be the suffering he and his family endured during the illness that finally claimed his mortal life.

I will miss him greatly, yet I know that he is not gone. Not really. Today, at the funeral home, I heard several comment that they thought he hung the moon. No, he didn’t hang the moon, but knowing him, he’s probably swinging from it right now. That was his spirit – always seeking out adventure and good times. One of my favorite photos of him and my aunt are the two of them, enjoying their retirement, water skiing and holding hands. The sheer delight in their faces always brings a smile to my heart. Though I never heard him actually say it, I believe his personal motto was “Carpe Diem.” To this end, he was successful.

Tonight, as I look out at the heavens it seems to me that the stars are a bit brighter. Though my heart is heavy with grief, my soul is light for knowing that soon I will see him again. It may be years for that day to occur, at least as we count them. However, for him, it will only take a moment.

I love you Uncle Red. I cherish the day I see your smile once more.

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