The Adventures of Junior Chipmunk

“You’re not old enough.”

How many times have we heard this when as a child we attempted or wanted to do something? An older sibling goes to school every day and the younger one has to stay at home. Why? He’s not old enough.

“You can’t play ball with us. You’re not old enough.”

“You can’t swim there, you’re not old enough.”

“That swing is for the older kids. You’ll have to wait until you get a little older.”

Junior Chipmunk faces statements like this all the time from his older siblings. He desperately wants to go to school and make new friends like his big brothers. They only tease and taunt him, telling him he’s not old enough.

Momma Chipmunk, in her wisdom, informs Junior that school isn’t just a building where you go to learn. School is all around us. She sends Junior off, with lunch, to explore their neighborhood and report back all that he has learned during his adventure.

Along Junior’s way he participates in a joust, meets an owl not much bigger than he is, discovers a merry-go-round, and meets a turtle. The three become fast friends and work together to learn as much as they can during this brief adventure.

When Junior returns home, friends in tow, his older brothers, amazed and dazzled, decide they would rather attend Junior’s school than theirs. The problem? They’re not young enough. 🙂

This is a color-as-you read book with the express purpose of having the reader personalize their copy. They are to color with crayons, pencils, water colors the illustrations and use their imaginations in doing so. This book is my desire to draw more children into reading and expanding their imaginations.

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