The Final Letter

Tonight I said goodbye to you.

On 10-14-10, Dr. Jerry M. Kirby, Sr. went home to Glory. On 10-14-10, I lost my closest confidant but more importantly, a family lost a husband, son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, and grandfather. A community lost a dedicated worker and counselor and a church lost a congregant and teacher.

On 10-14-10, the Lord welcomed home a good and faithful servant. While heaven rejoices, we weep; while the angels celebrate, we grieve.

Sir, you taught me many things in the years since we first met. You taught me how to laugh through pain; you taught me it’s okay to cry. You taught me hugs don’t hurt, well, not too much. You taught me how to grieve. You taught me how to trust again. You showed me the way out of darkness but most important of all – you showed me how to accept God’s love, just because He loves me.

Through you, I’ve met many wonderful people who have assisted me in my journey, a journey that began those many years ago with that first letter. Sir, you will be missed but not forgotten. Sir, while I grieve over not having you here on Earth, I rejoice in knowing I will see you again.

Because of you, Sir, I can honestly say, “It is well with my soul!”

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