When to Say Goodbye?

Dad turned 82 this past April. I’m not so sure he’ll make it to his next birthday. His health issues are just too many and severe and it’s killing me. He’s becoming so weak now he can hardly sit upright at times much less stand.

When do you say enough is enough and it’s time to go home?

Why should I increase his misery trying to get him to dialysis when his strength simply isn’t there, every action is an exertion that created difficulty in breathing? Is it not simply time to say “I’m ready to go die now”?

Tomorrow, August 19, 2012 I will pose that question to him. I just pray I will have the strength to hide my emotions as we talk so that my tears do not affect him in such a way he tries to keep going when he really doesn’t want to.

Is it time now to say goodbye?

Have you lost someone? What helped you survive the grief? I want to know.

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